Our Vision Statement

At Moyle Park College we aspire to educate students for:

Personal Integrity

Helping them to develop a core value system; challenging them to live these values in a community context.

Self-Worth and Self Esteem

Which includes recognising the intrinsic worth of self and others; by giving experience of success, academic or otherwise; maximising opportunities for students to develop skills, aptitudes and abilities

Community and Social Responsibility

By developing their sense of personal accountability to self and others.


By maximising the appropriate involvement of all parents, students, teachers and management in the school community.

Justice and Honesty

By developing in students critical understanding and a sense of responsibility for the community and the universal common good.

Independence and Freedom

By developing in students the capacity to think independently and to have the self-confidence to manage the future, (work, relationships etc), in an interdependent way knowing that each person’s action affects others.


So that they have a sense of awe and a questioning stance about self, life and the created universe.







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Junior Cycle 2020

Dear Parent/ Guardian, 

We hope everyone is keeping safe and well. I am writing to you at an unprecedented time where we face significant challenges. It has been an incredibly busy and challenging few weeks since the closure of our schools and we are acutely aware of the pressure the uncertainty of the past few weeks has had on our Exam students. 

Following Minister McHugh’s announcement regarding the cancellation of the Junior Cycle examinations in October, we have decided to facilitate online assessments at the end of May for our Third Year students. We have noticed a decline in engagement since the cancellation of the Junior Cycle State Examinations and we are hopeful that the exams will create focus and bring closure for the Third Years, allowing them to progress to TY and Fifth Year without the pressure of exams looming over them. 

The decision was made based on the following:

  • The State Examinations Commission are not going to be involved in either running the exams nor marking or certifying them.
  • There was no way of ensuring that students would not become aware of the content of papers in advance, given that schools were to hold them on different dates.
  • There was also concern at the difficulties and disruption for schools running such exams in the new school year, and at the fact that 15 and 16-year-old students would have the exams hanging over them over the summer months.
  • The decision was made with the wellbeing of staff, students and parents in mind. 

The exams will be based on a combination of the following:

  1. % Engagement
  2. % Mock Result or combination of class tests
  3. % Project Work 
  4. % Final examination

Further details about each subject have been emailed to students and can be found under the Parental Support tab on the school website.

Fond regards to all,, 

Ms Niamh Cahalane 


Leaving Certificate 2020

Dear Parent/ Guardian, 

Clarity has finally been provided on the Leaving Certificate by Minister McHugh. Full details are available on the Department of Education Website (Education.ie)

In summary: 

  • This year’s Leaving Certificate and Leaving Certificate Applied exams have been postponed.
  • All students are to be offered the option of accepting calculated grades instead of sitting Leaving Certificate written examinations at a later date in new plans announced this afternoon.

There will be four layers to the calculated grades system:

  1. An estimation of scores and rankings by a student’s teacher. The teacher will estimate a percentage mark for each student, and also their ranking compared to classmates.  This will happen for each individual subject. 
  2. This will then be subjected to an in-school alignment process, in which subject teachers will work together to finalise their estimated marks and rankings. 
  3. The school principal will review and sign off on marks, and may return estimated ranking or marks to teachers for further consideration.
  4. A process of national standardisation using statistical methods to ensure a common national standard is applied. 

Minister for Education Joe McHugh said he had made every effort to run the Leaving Cert as close as possible to the way they were originally intended. But he had compelling evidence based on medical advice and other assessments that it would not be possible to hold the exams in a reliable and valid manner and in a way that would be equitable for students. 

Regards to all over the weekend and please God, this announcement will provide clarity and reduce the anxiety caused by the uncertainty of the past few weeks. Stay safe and well and we will update you when further information becomes available. 


Fond regards to all, 

Ms. Niamh Cahalane