Our Vision Statement

At Moyle Park College we aspire to educate students for:

Personal Integrity

Helping them to develop a core value system; challenging them to live these values in a community context.

Self-Worth and Self Esteem

Which includes recognising the intrinsic worth of self and others; by giving experience of success, academic or otherwise; maximising opportunities for students to develop skills, aptitudes and abilities

Community and Social Responsibility

By developing their sense of personal accountability to self and others.


By maximising the appropriate involvement of all parents, students, teachers and management in the school community.

Justice and Honesty

By developing in students critical understanding and a sense of responsibility for the community and the universal common good.

Independence and Freedom

By developing in students the capacity to think independently and to have the self-confidence to manage the future, (work, relationships etc), in an interdependent way knowing that each person’s action affects others.


So that they have a sense of awe and a questioning stance about self, life and the created universe.




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Moyle Park Prospectus 2021

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