L’Hermitage Trip 2017

By: Eric Keating and Josias Muala.

The eight students who were chosen to go on the trip to L’Hermitage met at the school on Friday morning. We got a bus to the airport and took a 2-hour flight to Lyon. When we arrived in Lyon, we were met by Brother Dijon who took us to L’Hermitage. We were all pleasantly surprised by how modern L’Hermitage looked. The bedrooms were just like hotel rooms. The area is so peaceful and quiet. In the evenings, we had our own common room to spend time with each other.


On the Saturday, we all headed into the city of Lyon. First, we went toFourvière, which is a basilica dedicated to the Virgin Mary. We were in awe of the artwork in the church. We went off to the city centre, to do a bit of shopping. We met up with Ms O’Malley who joined us for a good portion of the day. We had McDonalds for lunch. We took a bus tour of the city in the rain. It was still good craic though. After the bus tour, we went ice – skating. It was so funny as barely any of us could do it but we tried and got the hang of it by the end. We went to a huge shopping centre and had a look around and went to an amazing Italian restaurant for dinner. We went back to L’Hermitage and chilled in the common room for the rest of the night.




On Sunday, we got a tour of the building in L’Hermitage. We were shown around the museum. We went to mass in the chapel and after mass we headed off on the Champagnat pilgrimage. We went to Le Rosey to visit the house where Champagnat grew up. We also saw the chapel that was built using money donated by past pupils all over the world. We travelled to Le Besset and visited the remains of Jean-Baptiste Montagne’s home, who was the sick boy who Marcellin visited. Only a small wall remains of his home. The last stop on the pilgrimage was La Valla. This is the original institute of the Marist Brothers. We sat at the table where the Brothers and Champagnat had their meals.


On our last day we were shown a bit more around L’Hermitage. We were shown the cemetery where some of the Marist Brothers are buried. The main thing we were shown however was Champagnat’s bedroom. This was the room in which Champagnat stayed while in L’Hermitage and the room in which he passed away. We packed up then and headed home.