Trinity Access 21–College For Every Student  (TA21-CFES) is a whole-school approach to social capital development (as embodied in the extended College for every student  –  CFES practices of “Leadership through Service”, “Pathways to College”, “Mentoring” and “21st Century Teaching and Learning”). Combined with a change in classroom pedagogy (as embodied in the Bridge21 model), TA21-CFES provides an environment in which diverse students can grow and develop by taking responsibility for and ownership of their own learning.

TA21-CFES supports schools to develop and promote 21st century teaching and learning practices and increase educational attainment and post-secondary progression in geographical areas where attendance at third level is historically low. In 2014, TA21 partnered with 11 Dublin-area secondary schools, to pilot the programme starting with 1,200 students in 2nd Year. Moyle Park was one of those 11 pilot schools and the programme has thrived in the school ever since.

  • 1. Mentoring fosters academic and personal growth by providing CFES Scholars a supportive relationship with an older, more experienced individual who can serve as a role model. All CFES schools have mentoring programs for their Scholars that utilize peers, adults, teachers, community leaders, and/or college students as mentors. Currently Moyle Park have mentoring programs for 1ST, 2ND 3rd and 6thYear students.
  • Leadership through Service helps CFES Scholars identify and express their leadership potential through activities that make their school and/or community a better place. CFES schools create meaningful opportunities for Scholars to provide leadership in service to others. Gaining leadership skills and taking responsibility for others builds self-confidence, encouraging personal aspirations for college and developing resilience that leads to college success.
  • Pathways to College partners CFES schools with colleges to provide opportunities for CFES Scholars to visit college campuses, interact with students and faculty, and gain exposure to the admissions process, financial aid options, and other higher education components.

Moyle Park College has been awarded a number of  “School of Distinction” Awards since the programme’s inception. A snapshot of our first year of the programme can be seen in the following video;

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