You will only get out of TY what you put in – Moyle Park mission statement

The Transition Year Programme is designed to act as a bridge between the Junior and Senior Cycle.


It helps introduce students to the more independent self-directed learning of the senior cycle.

It helps prepare students for life in the world outside school. Students get the opportunity to sample a wide range of subject areas and can make more informed choices about the kind of Leaving Certificate programme they want to follow after the Transition Year.”

– NCCA (Transition Year)

Transition Year at Moyle Park College

Transition year at Moyle Park College is an optional one-year school-based program with 42 timetabled periods per week. Transition year acts as a bridge between the Junior and Senior cycles and allows students to experience more independent, self-directed learning that is required for the Senior Cycle.


Why students opt for Transition Year

  • Time to mature and develop greater self-awareness, self-respect and self-esteem.
  • Experience of different learning environments, active self-directed learning, responsibility for their own learning and project-based work.
  • Time and the option to sample some Leaving Certificate subjects, and this coupled with guidance throughout the year leads to informed subject choices for the Leaving Certificate.
  • To develop interpersonal skills through group work and activities.
  • You may discover hidden talents – acting/debating/computers.


Layers of the Transition Year Programme at Moyle Park

Core Subjects

Students continue with the three core subjects of Gaeilge, Maths and English. Students explore new areas of these subjects while maintaining and improving on their standards from the Junior Certificate.

Subject Sampling

Transition Year students get to experience subjects that they may not have studied for the Junior Certificate. Subjects like Art, Metalwork, Woodwork and Business are all available to Transition Year students at Moyle Park College.

New Subjects

At Moyle Park, Transition Year Students get to enjoy a range of new subjects that they would not get to experience anywhere else on the school curriculum. Some of these include:

  • Journalism
  • Japanese
  • Astrophysics
  • Coding
  • Enterprise Education
  • Music Appreciation
  • Visual Communication


Optional Subjects

There are options available in Transition Year too. For example, students get to choose what language they would like to study in Transition Year – extra to Japanese, French, Spanish and Beginners German is offered to students.

Work Experience

Students get to go out on two two-week blocks of work experience. Students source their own work experience in an area they would have a particular interest in. Many past Ty students have acquired a summer job from their work experience. Many have found out that their work experience has led them to change their minds about careers in that area.

Community Placement

Before Christmas each year TY students take two weeks to give back to the community. They choose a local organisation that may need extra volunteers at this time of year. Students have generally enjoyed this time as they feel they have given back to their community and opens their minds to other areas for career investigations.


Students get involved in many extra-curricular activities and often compete or take part in national events. Some of these include:

  1. Young Social Innovator (YSI)
  2. CAST film festival
  3. College for Every Student (CFES)
  4. STEPS – Engineering TY Programme
  5. School Bank
  6. First Aid
  7. Cookery School
  8. Mentoring (as part of CFES/TAP/TCD)
  9. Bridge 21 @ TCD
  10. Tenderfoot at Civic Theatre Tallaght
  11. Project Management
  12. Street Law with the Law Society
  13. Visits to the Irish Aid Centre
  14. Trip to L’Hermitage in France
  15. Pink Day
  16. Spanish tapas experience
  17. Visiting the Criminal Courts of Justice
  18. Fighting Words
  19. Hillwalking
  20. App Development Course/Whizzkids
  21. Volunteering in the bog to remove invasive species
  22. Transition Year Expo
  23. Fundraising for Irish Autism Society (Rose Week)
  24. History tour to Glasnevin Cemetry
  25. Craft Fair (Enterprise projects)
  26. Trip to Belfast (Titanic Quarter) and The Giant’s Causeway
  27. Poetry Workshop
  28. Japanese food experience