What is the Moyle Park Science Club?

The science club in Moyle Park College was set up to allow students to pursue their love of science in a second setting beyond the mainstream science class. The aim of the club is to encourage students to further develop their practical and problem solving skills in a relaxed and fun filled atmosphere. The club strives to create a love of science in students and encourages students to continue to study in the field beyond Third Year. There is an emphasis on new interesting experiments with ‘a bang or two’ which go beyond the set curriculum of the Junior Certificate.
One of the highlights of the year for the club is the special “Halloween night” where students get the opportunity to examine the science behind some of their favourite Halloween traditions.  Constructing a homemade firework and blowing up a pumpkin or two!!

What’s involved?

The club is run by the Science teachers of the school and runs throughout the school year on a monthly basis. Students are  encouraged to pursue their love of science through entering projects into the Young Scientist and Sci-Fest which are run annually. The club also organizes school trips such as trips to the BT Young Scientist in the RDS. Teachers also set up experiments for Primary School students on the open night to give students an insight into what Science in secondary school involves. Ultimately the club aims to develop a passion for students in the science subjects so they will go on and pursue this passion in the future.