The Moyle Park College Woodwork Club was launched in 2016 in recognition of the popularity of Materials Technology (Wood) within the college. This is an opportunity for first year pupils to socialise and engage with their peers while developing their cognitive, psychomotor and affective skills.

Pupils are very keen and enthusiastic about the Woodwork Club are motivated to learn new jointing methods and other techniques. Some projects include the “belt balance”, “marble game” and a “CAMs project”. Pupils are engaging with new ideas and new ways of thinking about design and creativity. They will be able to apply these skills in other subjects helping them to identify cross-curricular information. This transfer of information will improve pupils’ overall academic performance.

The Woodwork Club has been a great success among pupils who do not study Materials Technology (Wood) as they have the opportunity to partake in the exciting activities. We are delighted with the success of the Woodwork Club and excited about the prospect of making the club available to future Moyle Park College pupils.