Marist Student Leadership Programme

Creating prefects and mentors

Moyle Park College has a long tradition of student leadership under the direction of Br. Nicholas Smith. Since Br. Nick’s retirement, the Programme has been coordinated by Ms. Doyle, Ms. Doonan, Ms. Ellis and Ms. Cunningham.

Prefects mentor and guide First Year students as they enter the school, helping to ease the transition from Primary to Secondary school. They assist at Parent Student Teacher Meetings, Open Evenings, Charity Events, Information Evenings and Graduation Ceremonies. They engage with Management leading the student voice along with the Student Council. Prefects are chosen from TY and Fifth Year and are trained through the Marist Leadership Programme.


What is Marist Leadership?

All Marist Student Leaders are encouraged to develop their leadership skills in order to support fellow students and to benefit the wider community. Opportunities to develop these qualities are provided through a range of learning experiences, both in their everyday school life and in targeted leadership programs encouraging students to build their own sense of themselves as leaders keeping Marist values central.

All Marist Leaders should demonstrate and model Marist Values”

Focus on 4 areas:
  • Personal development and Marist leadership training
  • Faith development through experiencing times of prayer and reflection
  • Empowerment to be a Marist Leader in a Marist School
  • Understanding how to live Marist Values

Marist Leadership looks to Marcellin Champagnat as a model who embraced in his life the values of Jesus, which we too are called to actively live out each day.

Through Marcellin, the Marist Brothers came into being.


  1. The chosen students will attend initial leadership training in April 2019 in their school. This will help prepare the tasks for the next academic year.
  1. There will be a second training in August 2019, at a chosen location, with student leaders from the three Irish Marist Schools.
  2. Marist Student leaders with their Leadership coordinators will be invited for training at a chosen venue.



  1. Each school will have Marist Leadership coordinators to support student leaders.
  1. Director of Marist Education, Ms. Aisling De Maison will also work closely with students.
  1. Marist Student Leaders will be required to attend meetings in school and by Skype.


One of our Marist Leaders, David Kuye, along with Liam Mendes from Marion College has developed a website for all the Marist Leaders and Coordinators. Please click the link below.