College for Every Student (CFES) is an American programme that is being implemented in Ireland through the Trinity Access 21 Programme. Moyle Park College was chosen as one of the first 10 schools to take part in the pilot programme back in 2014.
The aim of CFES/TA21 is to create and maintain a college going culture in our school. It aims to raise awareness of the process involved in reaching 3rd level and try to equip them with the skills they need to enable them to remain in 3rd level. CFES/TA21 has the ability to change the lives of those involved in it. It has been proven to improve academic performance and raise attendance of the students involved. It will help raise the aspirations of our students for life after school.
CFES is built upon 3 foundations: Leadership Through Service, Pathways to College and Mentoring.
Leadership Through Service will help our students express their leadership skills and potential through activities that make our school and community a better place.
Pathways to College focuses on making our students more aware of the process involved in reaching 3rd level education. Through pathways to college our students will become informed about the subjects you need for certain courses, the entry requirements for those courses and the colleges that offer those courses.

Mentoring involves providing guidance and assistance to our students during their time in school. This includes both Student/teacher and Student/Student mentoring.

TA21 offers a range of programmes for students, teachers and schools. The student programmes engage students to develop the knowledge, networks and skills needed to make informed decisions about future educational opportunities. The schools programmes help to support teachers to engage in continuous professional development (CPD), research and events.
If you have any questions about Leadership in Moyle Park, please contact Ms. Ellis, or you can email her at