21st Century Teaching and Learning

The coding project allows hands-on, kinesthetic learning. The coding project seeks to nurture this concept of student lead learning using 21st century pedagogical approaches. Collaboration and sharing of knowledge is an integral part of how the students work. At Moyle Park College there are a large number of self-taught coders. Many of the students involved in the project are designing ways to teach the coding language python to the group and the teacher. These students are very open to investigating ways in which they can teach their peers.

The code project has an active twitter page. This page provides an opportunity to reach out to other teachers in other schools and build an online community. The twitter page allows knowledge to be shared. See https://twitter.com/moylertech


Goals for 2017

Going forward, a vision has been created to embed coding and computer systems, such as Raspberry Pis, into subjects such as Maths, Science, Art, Computer Science and Engineering. The project could be a stepping-stone to introducing a short course for the New Junior Cycle Award. Raspberry Pis could potentially enrich the Green Schools Project with data accumulated on energy using sensors. Students have a vision for fundraising by using Raspberry Pis as game consoles to raise money for charities. It is hoped that an event called Moyle Park Tech summit will be organized in April 2017 to bring together all the learning objectives that have been achieved this year.