Mensa at Moyle Park College


What is Mensa?

This is a worldwide organisation, in over 100 countries with 110,000 members.

In order to qualify for Mensa you must be within the top 2% or 1% of intelligence in the population.

Just to put it into perspective currently the world population is 7.1 BILLION people.

In order to qualify for Mensa a student would need to receive a score of 148 or higher. The highest being a score of 162.


Mensa In Moyle Park

Proudly Moyle Park is currently home to 37 students who are members of Mensa.

On average 5% – 10% of a school’s student body are considered exceptionally able. If we look at Moyle Park College we have 700 students currently enrolled around 30 – 70 students considered EAS.

We know that 33% of the students from 1st year to 3rd year alone are considered exceptionally able.


3 times the national average!