Guidance & Counselling

The Guidance Counsellor is an integral part of our Pastoral Care Team and liaises with the Year Heads and Tutors on a weekly basis to ensure that the needs of the students are being identified and met wherever possible. We have a team of two counsellors in the College, Ms. Murray and Mr. O’Dowd. They work with all students from First to Sixth Year. They assist in the induction and initiation of First Years, monitor and assist Second and Fifth Years and guide Third Years and Transition Years as they make their subject choices.

The Guidance Counsellor helps to identify each student’s potential and offer advice on suitable further education and career opportunities for them on leaving school. Career Guidance is a timetabled subject for all Senior Cycle students and individual appointments are offered to all Sixth Year students to help with subject selection, career advice and college courses.

The Guidance Counsellor is available to meet with parents where necessary also and is present at Parent Information Nights to offer guidance and support for subject selection for both Junior Cert and Leaving Cert.