Student Council

At Moyle Park we are passionate about Student leadership. Practical student participation is at the core of our Student Leader Programmes.

This takes many forms such as our Marist Leader programme, the Student Council and our links with Trinity Access 21 (TA21) and College For Every Student (C.F.E.S).

We are proud to receive our College of Distinction Award and Transformation Award in recent years.

The Leadership Information Notice Boards are located by reception. These are updated regularly with information about current projects and meeting dates.

The Student Leadership programmes are guided and directed by the liaison teacher Ms. Ellis. If you are interested, have plenty of energy and enthusiasm, and would like to meet and work with new friends, please contact Ms. Ellis to apply.

Student Council

The Student Council (S.C) is the democratic voice of students. It is elected by the student body to liaise with the principal and staff in order to improve the quality of school life for our students. The Student Council endeavours to improve the daily lives of students, in the spirit of co-operative partnership with school management. The S.C meet weekly and liaise between the students and the staff.

Our activities are varied and our aims include; 

  • Creating the College’s monthly Newsletter ‘ The Leader’ – informing students about projects and news from the college.
  • Working together on community projects such as fundraising for charity projects and worthy causes.
  • To establish a positive link with the Marist Leadership team and work effectively together.
  • To be a voice for the student body and provide a forum to allow students to raise concerns, and to achieve a greater unity by seeking positive collaborative solutions together.
  • Engaging in school themed weeks and creating events for  Wellbeing Week, Marist Week and Stand Up week.